10 Great Careers for Creative Individuals

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5 min readDec 1, 2021

If you are interested in getting into a career path, where you can put your original and creative thinking skills to good use and use your imagination on a regular basis, there are several creative career roles and fields to choose from. Jobs in the arts or media might be the first thing that you consider when it comes to working in a creative role. But there are many different roles in creative industries that you might not have thought of when deciding where you want to work. A creative role might be the best choice for you if you want a job that is non-traditional, flexible, and allows you to be more free-thinking compared to working traditional hours in a traditional business role.

A creative career path will require you to make quick changes, think outside of the box, and come up with new ideas on a regular basis. You will often be in a fast-paced work environment where you might have to work to tight and strict deadlines, meaning that it’s unlikely that the work will ever get boring. There will always be something new and interesting for you to start.

So, what are some creative career options that might be worth considering getting into?


Working as a journalist is an ideal choice if your creativity involves telling stories in a compelling way. There are various different types of journalism, that often involve following the latest stories and reporting the news to the public. You can decide to work in print, media, online, and broadcast journalism.

Other sub-sections of journalism that cover all the different types include sports journalism, which involves reporting on sports games, events, teams, and players. Investigative journalism, which may be worth considering if you are interested in a career where you can investigate events and situations to get to the bottom of what happened and present this information to the public. Digital and online journalism is one of the top journalism career choices today, with more and more people interested in getting their news and information online.

Interior Designer

If you tend to thrive the most as a creative when you’re designing a new room in your home, picking out paint colors for redecorating, or finding the perfect accessories to add to complement your new décor, working as an interior designer might be the ideal choice of creative career for you to think about. An interior designer is responsible for working on the plans of homes, offices, and other spaces to make colors, patterns, designs, furniture items, and accessories work together to create an appealing and cohesive look.

Advertising Manager

If you’re seeking a creative career, the field of advertising is a great choice to consider. While working as an advertising manager, you will be responsible for coming up with campaigns that promote products, services, and brands. You might be working in-house for one business, or working for an agency that takes on a wide range of different business clients. The role of an advertising manager is one with a wide variety of responsibilities including reviewing and approving creative materials and utilizing a wide range of different platforms and mediums to promote services and products on behalf of a brand including TV, social media, online video, radio and more.

Web Designer

If you are a creative person but prefer the idea of working business hours in an office in a role that’s mainly based on a computer, working as a web designer could be one that is worth considering for you. Web designers are tasked with writing code and using a variety of design tools that are used to come up with creative, eye-catching, and functional designs for a wide range of website types. In this role, you could be helping businesses create a website that allows them to put their best foot forward to the public, or designing an online shop that inspires confidence from customers and encourages them to purchase items. Web designers often work for companies in-house to maintain and update their websites, for agencies that offer web design to a wide range of different companies and organizations, or in a freelance role.

Commission Artist

If your creativity manifests itself as painting, drawing, or digital art, working as a commission artist might be an ideal job for you to consider. Commission artists are typically self-employed, making this an ideal role to think about if you want to work from home and be your own boss. Commission artists tend to stick to creating just one or two types of art such as pet portraits or digital art. If you’re good at creating art from photographs, this could be the perfect career choice for you. You’ll need to have developed a strong art style and have a lot of confidence in your work.


If you are interested in creating visual art and enjoy painting, drawing, or digital art, working as an illustrator might be an ideal career for you to consider. Illustrators create artwork to accompany magazines, websites, books, and other publications. There are various different types of work that you can get into while working as an illustrator. Such as creating artwork for children’s books, putting together visual marketing materials, and creating informational graphics and drawings for scientific magazines and textbooks.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are creative professionals that enjoy a large amount of high demand today. They are most commonly hired by businesses to create visual materials for branding. In this role, you may be creating logos, advertising materials, graphics for websites, blogs, and social media, print marketing materials, and much more.


Creating videos is another creative role that’s worth considering if you want to get into a career where you can use your original thinking skills on a regular basis. Videographers work in a wide range of different settings including on behalf of businesses to provide video marketing materials, working with production companies to create movies and TV shows, or working with individuals for personal videography needs such as wedding videos or family videos.

Tattoo Artist

Another highly creative and artistic job to consider if you want to do something a little more unconventional when it comes to your line of work is tattoo art. If you’re confident as an artist, there’s a high demand for people who are willing to create and provide tattoos. If you enjoy tattoos and like the idea of working in a career where you can work closely with people to create the designs that they want and permanently ink them into their skin. This could be an exciting career idea for you. Tattooing isn’t just a career that requires a lot of creativity but also needs good people skills and great communication skills to work with lots of different people.


Some people are more visually creative, while others are creative when it comes to telling stories and putting ideas into words. If this sounds more like you, a career as a writer might be a good fit.

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