Daily Positive Affirmations

The basis of Personal Development is affirmations. Affirmations are positive declarations used to control reactions to life’s situations. Basic affirmations have a deeper permanent meaning and can direct the course of your life.

To use basic affirmations in releasing the power of the conscious and subconscious mind, we need to:

  • Create our own basic affirmations beginning with “I am,” “I can,” “I will,” or “I am able to.”
  • Embed the affirmations in the subconscious by repeating them at least three times a day.
  • When repeating an affirmation, seek total relaxation. Then place the affirmation in your mind, and hold it there for at least 30 seconds.

Samples Of Basic Affirmations

  • Every day in every way I am becoming better and better.
  • I act differently because I am different. I am growing each day.
  • I am free of any consciousness of personal limitation, lack, doubt, or inferiority.
  • Creation and change are continuous in the universe. I am a part of this magnificent flow, becoming a more complete person each day.
  • I am entering a new level of understanding and consciousness of a richer, more meaningful life.
  • I am vitalized by new ambitions, dreams, and excitement for living.
  • I am growing day-by-day by a natural and beautiful process of mental involvement that will enable me to experience my life from a wonderfully expanded perception and consciousness.
  • I am filled with vitality, energy, and physical stamina.
  • The perfect life power that flows through every living being is now animating and vitalizing every cell and function of my physical being.
  • My body is constantly being renewed by the center of my consciousness from which flows harmony, peace, calmness, and absolute confidence.
  • I am strong, vigorous, and whole. Through me flows the breath of perfect life vitalizing, renewing, and maintaining my body. Any imperfection is immediately eliminated or healed.
  • I think, speak, and act nothing but perfect health.
  • I possess endless reserves of health, energy, and endurance which I manage positively to make my life an exciting experience.

Self Acceptance

  • I am a unique, confident, interesting human being receiving an increasing flow of life’s abundance. I completely and absolutely accept myself, knowing that any negative conditions in my life are the shadows of thoughts that are now eliminated.
  • I hold only good, positive thoughts in my mind about myself, knowing that they will be expressed in my life.
  • I am in complete control of my actions and thoughts, doing nothing that will needlessly drain off my physical resources, emotional strength, and energy.
  • My perception of my life is heightened, broadened, deepened. Wholeness, beauty, joy, accomplishment, fulfillment, and self-confidence now fill my mind.
  • I look at myself with interest, humor, and lightness, realizing that my self-concerns vanish with laughter about them and sharing them with others.
  • Today I am specific in considering the perfect thing I choose to demonstrate. I have definite results in mind.
  • My outward experience is evidence of my inner convictions.
  • I have the power to choose that which enters my consciousness.
  • I have special abilities and greatness locked deep within me which will be released as my self-awareness expands. I shall begin to experience success at levels I never perceived or understood before.


  • I know that my personality is a reflection of my attitudes. My attitudes are positive; therefore, my personality is positive. People will react to me positively.
  • I am ________ (PUT the characteristic you feel is most important for you to acquire -confident, cheerful, enthusiastic, poised, sincere, considerate, attentive, etc.).
  • I laugh. My daughter gives me joy and is a balm to my existence. It prevents dullness, worry, and tension, giving me inner strength and balanced life.

Relationships With Others

  • I am conscious only of the good in others.
  • I love, like, and enjoy time with _______ (name of spouse, member of the family, etc.)
  • I am flexible and tolerant in all my relationships with others.
  • I shall pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again. (This quotation is over 100 years old.)
  • I experience joy from my present friendships and pleasure in making new ones.
  • I give to others the same love, respect, and helpfulness that I desire for myself.
  • I am filled with love, friendship, understanding, and forgiveness. I hold no resentment, hate, judgment, or self-pity.
  • I am in complete harmony with all and within, for I know I can forgive because I can ask forgiveness.
  • I find all people interesting.
  • Because I now accept myself positively and unconditionally, I know that others will accept me in the same manner.
  • I love, believe in, trust, and respect my children so wholeheartedly that I convey this confidence in all my relationships with them.
  • I am patient, skillful, and understanding in dealing with all members of my family.
  • I let go of all limiting thoughts of anxiety and doubt.
  • I am free of all ____________ (Add word that fits — malice, hate, jealousy resentment, grudges, confusion, Frustration, tension, conflict, inferiority, etc.). I replace it with__________.
  • I give up every harmful thought, false belief, and negative emotion that has found its way into my body and mind.

Originally published at https://www.momentsofpositivity.com on August 10, 2021.