Some Of The Outstanding Characteristics Of Good Mental Health

Characteristics of Good Mental Health

  • Being able to enjoy life is a sign of good mental health. Too many people worry away the day worry about tomorrow. Yes, we all have to plan our futures from time to time, but the daily grind of worry will put a toll on our minds and our body. Also, mistakes in the past seem to darken our minds and control our thoughts once in away. Put all the thought behind and look for something each and every day to be excited or happy about. A few minutes of happiness can distract us from worrying and fretting.
  • The ability to rebound when all around us is gloom is normally called resilience. Resilience is needed to sustain good mental health. This is what they use when talking about how you cope with stress. Any soldier fighting in a war that comes back to their life and is able to carry on with their life as before going off to war is known to have resilience. Being raised in an abusive situation and not repeating it yourself is also having resilience. Resilience is being able to handle stress and making the most out of the situation without it controlling you.
  • Needing time alone is not a sign of bad mental health. We need time alone and time with others. The need for harmony or balance in our lives, there is a time for sleep and a time to be awake, if you do not get enough sleep, then your body can be run down. Too much work can also be a strain on us physically and mentally. There should be a time for work and a time to relax. Trying to balance everything in our lives can be a challenge, but it can be done.



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