Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself And Be Happy For This Moment

I know — it’s so justified! You’ve had a bad deal. The going is tough. You feel so helpless and alone. You don’t have any support … and the list goes on. There are many reasons why feeling sorry for yourself seems to be perfectly reasonable — and it’s so easy to give in to it.


All the time you spend feeling sorry for yourself is time wasted. Unless, of course, you enjoy feeling really sad and miserable. In that case, keep on enjoying it until you’ve had enough. No one is going to stop you.

Before you tell me I don’t understand, read on a bit more. You are probably right that I don’t understand your particular situation and what makes you feel you deserve to feel sorry for yourself. BUT I do know about self-pity. I have spent countless hours, days — even months on and off — feeling hard done by, sorry for myself, sad, alone, in pain and unsupported.

AND I know that the times spent wrapped up inside my self-pity blanket have made me feel worse. It hasn’t helped me to do what has to be done. For me, those times have been wasted moments.

The thing is, self-pity changes nothing. It just makes you feel worse and even more helpless.

Self-pity doesn’t help you make any positive changes — whatever the situation. Until, of course, you get so fed up that you decide to stop the self-pity and do something positive. So what can you do to break the cycle, to start dragging yourself out of your sorry muddy puddle?

There are many things that work for me and maybe one of these might just help you too.

And know that this post is written just as much for me as for you. Because I do forget. I do indulge in bouts of whining and self-pity. But the trick is to stop feeling sorry for yourself as soon as possible so that you can get on with the business of living your life and making the changes you want.

Each day should be lived as though it were your last. This manner of thinking changes the way you see things in such a way that it gives more meaning to each day. It forces you to really think about your relationships, actions, attitudes, and conversations with others. It’s important that you do this not thinking of yourself, but thinking of others. This is where the real meaning comes into play.

I love my journey, my path, and my purpose in life…Today I will honor those things.

I will honor and have great respect for being alive today. I will appreciate the ability to breathe in every breath of air, for feeling the earth beneath my feet, the gentle breeze on my face, and the warmth of the sun as it shines on the earth.

I will carry a heart filled with love and gratitude for being a spiritual being having a wonderful and fulfilling experience as a human being today. I am filled with such bliss just to be alive and on this earth for one more day. I am awestruck that I am able to spend yet another day on earth with the knowledge that my two children and their families are alive and well.

Grab on to life with both hands and hold tightly to it each and every day. Be glad that you are here and that you are alive. Find the good and the positive in your life and in all things, the positive is there — you just have to find it, and you don’t have to look far. Learn to perceive everything in the best possible light. Doing so will benefit you and all those who you touch along the way.

If you are reading this you are alive today, what a wondrous gift!

Think Positive! Be Positive!

Originally published at on September 17, 2019.



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